EasiDrive Pneumatic Torque Tool

EasiDrive Pneumatic Torque Tool

SFC ED5 Pneumatic Torque Tool is the most popular choice specified by clients (also can be specified as an ED10 model for torque of up to 1000Nm) and ED1 for lower torque requirements.  It is a hand held, non-impacting air driven power tool designed to apply torque and safely manage valve operations.  Torque is controlled by regulating air pressure via a Lubro Control Unit. Corresponding pressure settings and torques are determined using a calibration graph.

The SFC-ED 5 must always be operated with the following:

  1. Clean dry air supply with a recommended air pressure supply of 80 psi, 5.5 bar
  2. Lubro Control Unit (with filter regulator, lubricator)
  3. Minimum Hose Bore 1/2″ (12mm)
  4. Reaction Kit

For further technical data on either the SFC-ED 5 or 10, click on the links below:

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