Valve Operation

Smith Flow Control offers a number of alternative Drive System solutions – EasiDrive, FlexiDrive and TorkDrive, designed to improve efficiency and enhance operator safety when operating valves.

Using EasiDrive, an operator can effortlessly open and close valves, avoiding fatigue and injury risk. EasiDrive is effective on valves that require many turns, or valves that are difficult to operate due to high torque or challenging climate conditions.

FlexiDrive is a remote valve operating system that allows users to operate valves from a safe distance of up to 30 metres. It can be applied to any conventional wheel-operated device to make it constantly accessible and safe.

TorkDrive is a device that can be mounted to either the valve input handwheel or valve input shaft, which safeguards valves from excessive torque.  This helps to prevent valve damage through ensuring the correct torque is applied.