Posted on 26 August 2015

Moving Away From Mechanical – Developing More Sophisticated Products For Our Clients

SFC’s traditional key cabinet range simply offers a visual representation of systems and their status from a Control Room environment. With RFID Cabinets, management teams and key operational staff are able to identify exactly who, what, when and the full status of a given system, anytime, anywhere, simply be accessing a remote interface. Digital has revolutionised the way in which data can be shared and dispelled, simply by logging on remotely. This innovation supports the reorganisation in workforce operations, progressively common in the oil and gas industry. Remote working is becoming increasingly desirable, with digital technologies facilitating this. Real-time reporting based on RFID helps offer the customer a level of accuracy and intricacy, which is far removed from traditional key cabinets.  Download the full Data Sheet here

SmartKey+ Product Innovation


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