Moving Away From Mechanical – Developing More Sophisticated Products For Our Clients

26 August 2015

SFC’s traditional key cabinet range simply offers a visual representation of systems and their status from a Control Room environment. With RFID Cabinets, management teams and key operational staff are able to identify exactly who, what, when and the full status of a given system, anytime, anywhere, simply be accessing a remote interface. Digital has revolutionised the way in which data can be shared and dispelled, simply by logging on remotely. This innovation supports the reorganisation in workforce operations, progressively common in the oil and gas industry. Remote working is becoming increasingly desirable, with digital technologies facilitating this. Real-time reporting based on RFID helps offer the customer a level of accuracy and intricacy, which is far removed from traditional key cabinets.  Download the full Data Sheet here

SmartKey+ Product Innovation


What are valve interlocks?

11 May 2015

Smith Flow Control’s valve interlocks are custom designed process safety products that compel an operator to follow a strict sequence of events.  Valve interlocks replace a conventional handwheel or lever and can be fitted to a live plant, without any adjustment to the host valve or gearbox.  SFC designs a bespoke anchor and adaptor plate to suit the host valve, which connects the valve stem to the interlock, with no modification to the client’s valve or gearbox.

To design the bespoke adaptor and anchor plate, Smith Flow Control requires accurate top work information, which can be obtained by the following measures:

  • Measured by Smith Flow Control’s Site Services Team to guarantee precision and accuracy in valve data. SFC’s Site Services team has experience working all around the globe.
  • Provided by the client using SFC’s Fill In Sheets.
  • Request information from the valve manufacturer/supplier.

Valve top works data is pivotal to the build of suitable mechanical key interlocks.

Integrating the Electronic Panel with SmartTrap+

10 March 2015

The local Electronic Pigging Panel, designed to enable an operator to control a sequence of actuated valves set around a pig trap can be incorporated with SmartTrap+, our latest product to launch.  SmartTrap+  receives permissive signals from sensors to prove remotely that pressure has reached a safe level and all dangerous gases and residue  removed.  Combining the local panel with SmartTrap+ enables all processes to be controlled and monitored from one central point.

SmartTrap+ combined with Electronic Pigging Panel for controlling actuated valves

Through the Key Hole – Smith Flow Control’s New Product Room!

5 March 2015

We welcomed our first visitors  to see our new Product Room last week.  Together with our more traditional products, the room boasts SmartKey+, SmartTrap+, TorkDrive and our Electronic Pigging Panel.  Click here to view additional photos and follow us on Google+ for latest updates.  Despite nearing end of financial year, SFC remains very busy and we have weekly visitors throughout March to receive product demonstrations.  If you would like to see how our products can greatly improve efficiency and safety, please get in touch to arrange a visit to SFC’s HQ – Training with the interlocking and valve management experts has never been so simple!

Smith Flow Control launches new sample room with mechanical valve interlocks and valve management systems

Why SmartTrap+ ???

29 January 2015

The Ultimate in Pressure Vessel Detection

SFC’s Effortless Interlock Adjustment

23 June 2014

Smith Flow Control’s (SFC’s) GL Interlocks can be adjusted in-situ in a matter of minutes simply by operating the valve back to the original key release position in two easy steps:

  1. Using the special tamperproof tool (provided), the interlock cover is removed and the set screws adjusted
  2. The valve is then operated again to its shut tight (closed) position and the screws are retightened (reset) in the new position

This simple in-situ adjustment feature is unique to SFC’s GL interlock and provides a fast and efficient method of maintaining valve interlocks on site.

Ever thought about the possibilities of portable valve actuation? EasiDrive is all you need!

15 May 2014

Key Features:

• Low cost alternative to permanent actuators
• No permanent power supply required
• Ideal for minimum facilities installations
• Suitable for all climatic conditions
• Wide band torque capability with variable torque adjustment as standard
• Ideal for moving tight or partially-seized valves
• Adaptable to any size/type of valve
• Eliminates operator fatigue and greatly reduces the risk of injury
• No ‘kickback’ often associated with other torque devices
• Variable output torque – so no damage to valves by ‘over-torquing’
• Reduces work crew tasks to one-man operation
• Fully portable – can manage banks of valves with a single drive tool

Drive Systems

SFC sees record number of products out the doors!

12 May 2014

Lock and Proximity Switch destined for the Middle East

Our engineers are working tirelessly to get our customer’s orders out the door. Here’s a cracking example of a ball valve with lock and limit switch destined to Middle East! It’s packed and ready to be shipped now, but here is what it looked like earlier!