Posted on 19 May 2015

Can Smith Flow Control’s valve interlocks be manually adjusted?

After a period of use, the closed position on Gate and Globe valves may have altered by as much as 1½ handwheel turns.  The difficulty then arises when the valve is shut tight, the interlock (closed) key will not release because the valve has travelled past the original set key release position.  In these circumstances, the SFC ‘GL’ Interlock can be adjusted in-situ using a simple 3mm Allen Key.

The adjustment procedure simply involves operating the valve back to the original key release position – At this point, the lock datum set screws are aligned directly underneath the cam cover. Using the special tamperproof tool provided, the cam cover is removed to expose the datum set screws which are eased using a conventional 3mm Allen Key. The valve is then operated again to its shut tight (closed) position and the datum’s are retightened in the new position.  This In-situ adjustment feature is unique to the SFC ‘GL’ interlock assembly.

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