Putting Safety First when Operating Couplings

4 November 2015

Couplings are used to rapidly connect and disconnect fittings on piping and hoses and are frequently found in a wide variety of demanding industrial environments. Applications may include, but are not limited to, tank and transfer systems in the oil, gas and petrochemical markets, pipelines, shipping, transportation, water, power generation and the food and beverage industry.

The market is saturated with couplings, which can make the decision making process quite challenging. However, one of the most important considerations when selecting a coupling device is identifying a product to match its intended purpose and application parameters.

Bajolock Product Series

(Above – Bajolock® range – The ultimate safety solution)

As with all mechanical devices, identifying the most suitable product for a particular process is a pivotal factor. Nevertheless, many decisions are often based around price rather than performance requirements.  This is one of the most common sources of error in the selection of suitable couplings.  Consideration should be given to various performance factors:  A design engineer must address issues such as the application environment, criticality, serviceability, maintenance, and speed of replacement if required — as downtime can seriously degrade many processes.

Driven to reduce costs, engineers may shortchange the application by being overly thrifty in their coupling choice. While this approach may reduce upfront component costs, extensive and expensive backend warranty claims can greatly compromise an OEM’s bottom line and product reputation.

Smith Flow Control’s recently launched Bajolock®, boasts a patented, novel and innovative design and has undergone extensive product testing and development. Safety is of paramount importance; the operator is placed at the heart of the design, with user interface and user experience all important considerations.

As a result, Bajolock® incorporates unique features that make it impossible to compare it to standard coupling devices. Bajolock® is distinctly different from other couplings and has been awarded a patent for its novel engineering: This protects the ornamental aspects of the design and at the same time, installs the greatest confidence in operators that use it.

In absence of a manometer, it is often impossible to determine (residual) pressure in the system and fatal accidents may occur. Therefore, conventional couplings are very dangerous when opened in pressurized conditions.

Bajolock Lock

(Above – Standard couplings with minimal safety features)

Bajolock Couplings Under Pressure

(Above – Plug projected under pressure with standard couplings)

Bajolock® prevents serious operational incidents. Unlike other couplings, the plug is prevented from projecting under pressure as it is captured in the interface. Bajolock® features additional openings (ventilation slots) to enable pressure and product release.  Any pressure is discharged away from the operator in a controlled manner.

Close up of Bajolock Coupler

(Above – Bajolock® open, pressure is dissipated and plug prevented from projecting)

Bajolock® can be easily and safely disconnected with a short twisting action and rejoined with ease, making it the safest solution available and greatly minimizing the possibility of operational incidents.

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