Smith Flow Control is a British company who specialise in the field of Mechanical Valve Control Equipment and Valve Management Systems. Our valve interlock range provides highly reliable, engineered process management solutions, which greatly enhance safety and efficiency. We are dedicated to providing quality assured products, which are delivered on time and are competitively priced. We remain committed to retaining the confidence of our clients by staying true to the ideals that have gained us the reputation we enjoy today.

The Original Coded Card Key Entrepreneurs

Smith Flow Control were the very first to introduce the coded card linear key concept to interlocking, a concept which is so well recognised across the industry today. As the innovators, our knowledge and depth of understanding is second to none and we pride ourselves in delivering the best solutions across the marketplace.

Innovation, Realisation & Dedication

We relentlessly push boundaries and bring new ideas to execution, to help enhance and improve our full product range. The continuous quest for new product development and on-going product improvement, requires a level of energy and commitment that can come only from a collective dedication to being the best in the industry.

Functional reliability

Smith Flow Control’s mechanical key interlocks are robust, maintenance-free assemblies which provide reliable operational control of safety-critical systems involving worker intervention. They prevent accidents through operator error and greatly reduce the scope for procedural violations and system abuse.

Rigorous Quality Control

Smith Flow Control’s product range of valve interlocks have evolved over 30 years to provide highly reliable engineered process management solutions to our clients. We achieve this by harnessing established mechanical principles applied to innovative design concepts which are brought to realisation using advanced CAD systems and exhaustive testing of pre-production prototypes.

Superior service and support

Smith Flow Control supplies and supports some of the worlds biggest companies involved in the oil, gas and petro-chemical industries. They rely on our experience and expertise to maintain and develop our products and to be ready at a moments notice with the technical backup that is essential to maintaining constant product flow.