Smith Flow Control’s SmartKey+ provides a unique solution to key management, combining innovative software and smart technologies.  It provides all the features of SFC’s Visual Alert Key Cabinet, along with the ability to record movements of keys in real-time, providing complete accuracy.  It includes RFID (radio-frequency identification) recognition.  This allows a key to be tracked with complete confidence, providing operator and control room personnel with information on interlocked processes and their status.  Full transaction history is available, revealing details of key insertion/removal.  The unit is designed to support remote web interface, without any specific licence.  SmartKey+ has enhanced levels of system security, the system automatically records when a key is used and by whom on a central database. The cabinet is configured around a central control panel capable of running a system with 75 keys and is comprised of modular sections, each containing 15 key positions, which can be increased incrementally.

SmartKey+ 15 key arrangement

A unique solution to key management combining RFID technologies with innovative software