90L Interlocks For Lever Operated Valves

Discontinuation of Ellis interlocks

Sofis is continually looking to improve its product offerings and streamline its processes to offer customers the best solutions available for managing valve operations.

In order to improve our ability to accommodate emergency shipments and make room to grow in our newer and innovative solutions, we must discontinue production lines that are in low demand
and decreasing year over year.

Sofis will be discontinuing the Ellis line of interlocks effective in December of 2018. We will be accepting final purchase orders until December 7th 2018.

The Ellis chain lock will continue to be produced, as well as spare keys.

The Sofis brands, Smith flow control and Netherlocks are our leading interlock lines that include the latest developments to suit all interlock requirements.

Please consult a Sofis representative to understand how we can replace your current Ellis locks with a Sofis interlock system.

All Ellis valve interlocks are available in single key (locking in open or closed positions) or dual key (locking in open and closed positions) variations.  Ellis offers a range of valve interlocks for use with lever operated quarter turn valves including ball, butterfly and plug valves.  Constructed in Stainless Steel, the interlock fits directly to valve in place of the exisiting lever and requires no modification or welding to the valve during fitting. When operating keys are removed, stainless steel dust covers seal the unit against  moisture and dust ingress.

 ’90L’ Valve Interlocks

Ellis ’90L’ Valve Interlocks are suitable for all types of lever operated valves

  • A DKI-90L Interlock fitted to a ball valve