Ellis Valve Interlocks


New Ellis Key Interlock








Recognised worldwide, Ellis interlocks are used for critical process applications in oil and gas, petrochemical and water industries.  The Ellis integral design is developed around the turnkey principle, incorporating a rotational locking mechanism and spring loaded rubber seal, which helps prevent ingress of sand, dust and water or any other foreign matter.

GG Interlocks For Wheel Operated Valves

  • Gate Valves
  • Gear Operated Valves
  • Globe Valves
  • Knife Valves
  • Diaphragm Valves

90L Interlocks For Lever Operated Valves

  • Ball Valves
  • Butterfly Valves
  • Plug Valves
  • 3-way Valves

Colour Aware Key Cabinet System

  • Secure storage and control of valve interlock keys.