ATL (Anti-Tamper Lock)

SFC’s ATL is a simple-to-use locking device, preventing accidental or unauthorized operation.  It is designed to fit directly to valves,  replacing the original handwheel operating lever and is compatible with all valve sizes.


An effortless locking device to prevent accidental or unauthorised operation


Made from Stainless Steel and available in two sizes. For remote or high security risk areas, a Carbon Steel, case hardened option is available.


The units can be uniquely coded or coded alike, dependent on operational conditions/requirements.


With the ATL fitted, a SFC key can be inserted allowing for valve operation, and the valve can be operated to any position.  Once the key has been removed, the unit free wheels, preventing further valve operation.


Available “off the shelf’, allowing customers to undertake the simple machining required for fitting.  This reduces order times and offers an instant security/safety solution.